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Doing Your Own Wedding Flowers


When we were planning our wedding, I decided early on that I was going to do as much of it myself as possible. Not only are weddings super expensive, but they’re very personal nowadays. Long gone are the traditional and repetitive white and fluffy, now you can choose from hundreds of themes and looks. And with Pinterest, you can really go wild on planning and ideas.

When I think of wedding days I think of a white dress, photographs, and flowers. The flowers are such a big part of the day, and there is so much flexibility with them now. I knew I wanted big and natural, nothing too tight or formal. Being set in a marquee in an RHS garden, we wanted wild but pretty looking displays. After hours of scrolling through photos of beautiful displays I decided it was definitely something me and mum could take on ourselves.


After we’d got our numbers and room layout planned, I could work out how many vases, jars and flowers I’d need. We had the top table, five round tables, the bar and lots of trestles. I  bought five of these vases for the main tables, and collected loads of jars and bottles to scatter around everywhere else. As our top table was a long we, I thought it’d look better with a few small ones on here rather than a large one blocking the view.

Choosing the flowers was fun but me and my mum got so carried away. We ordered them from Spalding Sunflowers, which was the closest flower wholesalers to my mum’s. If you’re choosing your flowers from a wholesalers or a florist, definitely go with ideas and photos. You’ll soon realise there are more flowers and colours than you could ever have imagined, and I spent half an hour flitting from one bunch of peonies, to armfuls of lavender and teeny tiny blossoms. Eventually I chose them all though, and had to work out how much of each I’d need. This was quite difficult as you obviously have to guess a bit. In the end I ordered:

5 x large bunches of soft Ruscus
3 x 10 stems of Lisianthus white – double
2 x 25 stems of Gypsophilia Pink – best
2 x small bunches Asters White
2 x 10 stems of Pink Spray Roses – large heads
5 x bunches Cinerea
3 x 10 stems of Veronica Lilac
3 x 10 stems of Hypericum Pink

It may seem like a lot, and while you don’t want to go too crazy I learnt it’s definitely better to have too many (there’s no such thing as too many flowers) rather than trying to make them spread out.



We got them delivered on the Wednesday (with the wedding on Friday) and got to work arranging them and getting them in water. The gypsophilia and got spread about between all the jars, bottles and small vases – there was about 40 in the end, and everything else in the large vases. When the flowers first arrived there seemed to be WAY too much, but when they were in the vases it was actually the right amount. Everyone kept saying it would be too stressful, but my mum and I loved it so much. We both adore flowers and I’m so glad I chose for us to do them ourselves as we enjoyed doing it together.

We put the flowers in the hallway overnight and took them to the venue on the Thursday. If it had been hot I probably would have either taken them really late at night or got my dad and brother to drop them off the morning of the wedding. But the days before the wedding were horrifically wet and rainy (it was miraculously dry and sunny on the actual day), so they were taken the day before and were absolutely fine.

The table numbers with just card numbers doubled over with wooden sticks painted white, propped into the vases.







I was so pleased with them in the end, and everyone commented on how good and professional they looked. We were both so proud of ourselves and it was nice to have done them together, and I liked that I could give them out to friends and family to take home after. I’m sure if we’d had them done professionally they would have looked more polished, but these worked out so much more cost effective and I had wanted the informal and relaxed look anyway. One florist quoted me £10 for each jam jar, and with 4o+ of these the costs would have been crazy high. I obviously had the bouquets and buttonholes made though, I have heard of people doing them themselves as well but this was way too much for me to take on!

What do you think? Will you be doing your arrangements yourself or are you leaving them to the professionals?


All the professional photos were taken by Georgi Mabee Photography

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